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Planning for the protection of your loved ones after your death is a personal process. As such, it is important you have a trustworthy, compassionate attorney who knows the best way to achieve your goals. With Jo Bess Jackson as your ally, you have the power to protect your family after your death.

At the Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, we practice in the areas of complex estate planning, probate and estate administration. We take pride in creating a customized estate plan for each of our clients. Contact us at (214) 219-2285 to schedule a free consultation about asset protection.

A Personalized Approach to Complex Estate Planning

When it comes to complex estate planning, many people are not sure how to best protect their loved ones. At the Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., our job is to help guide you through the estate planning process, so that you can make the best decisions. Before recommending the most appropriate estate plan, Jo Bess Jackson takes the time to speak with and understand the hopes and concerns of every client. This personalized attention enables Jo Bess Jackson to craft comprehensive estate plans based upon the client’s wishes and family situation.

Working to Protect Your Loved Ones and Preserve Your Assets

Estate planning is not simply about death. Estate planning empowers you to protect your loved ones and preserve your hard-earned assets. The Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., will help you create an estate plan to ensure that your estate passes to those you wish at the time of your death. Without a will or trust, the state government will decide who gets what, with no attention to your desires or wishes.

The majority of Americans die without a valid will, leaving the state to distribute their assets. Our firm will prevent the state from interfering in any of these personal decisions, by creating willstrusts, powers of attorney, living wills and estate plans which clearly define your goals.

While our firm focuses on complex estate plans, we will also draft simple wills and trusts, including contingent trusts for minor children and elderly parents. Ms. Jackson is well-versed in the area of estate tax planning and uses special needs trusts, marital trusts, family trusts, life insurance trusts, and other tools to help avoid the estate and death tax. Jo Bess Jackson can also offer knowledgeable assistance in matters of probate and estate administration.

Customized Estate Plans for the LGBT Community

Over time, as the definition of a family has changed, so has our practice. In fact, at the Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., we now represent countless blended and LGBT families. While many of their issues are similar to those of traditional families, we can nevertheless create estate plans which account for their special relationships.

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At the Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., we focus on developing trusting relationships with our clients by taking the time to get to know their particular hopes and concerns. For more information, contact us to schedule a free consultation and visit our wills and trusts information center. We represent people throughout North Texas, including Ft. Worth, Plano and Irving.