LGBT Powers of Attorney

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Although the Obergefell decision has made it possible for same-sex marriages to be recognized in Texas, and the intestacy rules apply the same as they do to for heterosexual couples, estate planning is still necessary. Estate planning empowers you to protect your loved ones and preserve your hard-earned assets. We will help you create an estate plan to ensure that your estate passes to those you wish at the time of your death.

Powers of attorney may not be appropriate for everyone, and, as such, it is critical to discuss them with a lawyer to learn more about whether this would be a good option for you or your family. At the Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., we will discuss your situation, and determine the best strategy to protect your interests. Contact our Dallas, Texas, office to schedule a free initial consultation with Jo Bess Jackson.

For over 20 years, members of the LGBT community, and same-sex couples throughout North Texas have sought out our advice about the following types of powers of attorney and related issues:

  • Durable Medical Powers of Attorney: This document authorizes an individual to make decisions about your medical treatment and end of life care.
  • Durable Financial Powers of Attorney: A person with this power has the ability to make financial decisions for you, including paying your bills, closing your accounts, and investing your money.
  • Disposition of Remains: After you die, all powers of attorney will terminate. However, if you fail to designate what will happen to your remains outside of your will, your family will have to wait until the court probates your will.
  • Anatomical Gift Designation: If wish to donate your organs to science or another person, you may create such a designation before you die. You may decide where and to whom you want your organs donated.

If you fail to create the necessary powers of attorney, the state of Texas will appoint someone as a guardian or conservator of your affairs. Take control of this decision now by creating a power of attorney.

Powers of attorney are only one aspect of the overall planning process. Our firm assists same-sex couples in creating comprehensive estate plans. For more information about your legal concern, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. Our firm advises members of the LGBT community, and same-sex couples throughout North Texas, including Fort Worth, Plano, and McKinney. Please call (214) 219-2285.

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