Intake Forms

Please download and complete


Download the form appropriate to the type of estate planning you are requiring, either the Individual Intake Form or the Couple Intake Form.
Please follow these steps when downloading the form:

  1. Click a download icon, above.
  2. The PDF file will download to your desktop or download folder.
  3. The PDF file is PASSWORD PROTECTED and encrypted to keep the information you enter private.
  4. OBTAIN the access PASSWORD from the law firm before opening the file by calling: 214.219.2285.
  5. Locate the file and click on it to open, and enter the password in the dialog box and click OK.
  6. Do a “Save as” and rename, adding your name to the file when saving to your computer.
  7. Close the file.
  8. Locate the file and click to open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  9. Add your name to the top field. Save and close, and reopen to verify that your name has been saved before proceeding with the completion of the entire document.
  10. Note: If your name that you entered is not on the form, re-enter your name and save, close and reopen the file again. Your name should now be in the form.
  11. You need not complete the form in one sitting. You may save and close the form at any time and then return later to add additional information.
  12. You must save the form to your computer before filling out the form. Your form information is not saved online.


  1. Print the form and bring it with you to your meeting at the Law Office of Jo Bess Jackson.
  2. Email the form to