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Probate is the process of settling an estate after a person dies. It is necessary to pass title from the deceased to a beneficiary and can often become both lengthy and costly. In fact, even though probate in Texas is easier than probate in other states, it is something that you may nevertheless want to avoid altogether. The best way to avoid complicated probate is through comprehensive estate planning.

At the Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, we represent executors, family members, and beneficiaries during the probate and estate administration process. Our firm can advise clients about the most efficient way to avoid and/or settle disputes related to an estate. To learn more about probate, contact attorney Jo Bess Jackson to schedule a free consultation.

The Probate Process

Through careful estate planning it may be possible to avoid the probate process altogether. However, if no will is in place at the time of death, a person’s estate will be divided according to state law. If an estate plan is in place, it may still be necessary for the estate to go through the probate process. The estate may be subject to court procedures, including:

  • Validating the validity of the will
  • Verification of the deceased property
  • Opportunity for unpaid creditors to make a claim against the estate

Probate and Estate Litigation

Probate and litigation is difficult to avoid if you have a poorly crafted estate plan. Yet, sometimes even the most comprehensive estate plan may still result in a contested will. We represent people during the probate process and during any disputes regarding the disposition of the estate. Our firm provides effective representation in disputes involving:

  • Fiduciary duties
  • Will contests
  • Allegations of undue influence
  • Questions about capacity

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