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Proper estate planning allows you to take control of your life by protecting not only your property upon death, but your loved ones as well. If you die intestate (without making a will), you do not get to choose who will receive your probate assets. The state government decides for you and each state’s laws are different.

In Texas, if you die intestate, the persons who inherit from you depend upon whether you are married or single, whether you have children and other factors. It also may depend upon the nature of your property.

The Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, will keep you fully informed so you can confidently make all the important decisions regarding your estate plan. We draft self-proving wills and trusts that can avoid the expense and time associated with probate. If you need a simple will or a complex estate plan, contact attorney Jo Bess Jackson to schedule a free consultation.

Estate Planning Focused on Your Specific Goals

For more than 20 years, Jo Bess Jackson has assisted Texas families in creating estate plans which meet their goals and protect their estate property and hard-earned assets. We understand the importance of family and your desire to protect them after you are gone.

Our firm uses a variety of estate planning tools to empower you and protect your loved ones, including:

The more intricate your estate, the more important it is to hire a lawyer well-versed in the complexities of estate planning. Over the course of many years, the Law Offices of Jo Bess Jackson, P.C., has earned a reputation in the legal community for skilled estate planning. We create estate plans which account for business succession planning, asset protection and estate tax considerations.

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